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Behind Anchor Oats: Anchor Oats Jar

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Behind Anchor Oats: Anchor Oats Jar


The idea for a custom jar for Anchor Oats overnight oats came early in the brainstorming part of beginning the company. I had always prepared overnight oats in old jam jars. I've never had a really nice jar to take to the office to enjoy my breakfast from. I wanted to be able to provide my customers with something different. 

When I enlisted Cari Schindler to create the Anchor Oats brand design, she suggested the idea of using a local Tacoma artist to create the design for the jar. Turns out the artist she had in mind, Katie Dean, was in my Spaceworks Business Planning Cohort. So, we chatted in between sessions and the vision started to come together. 

Katie is an artist that creates beautiful block print artwork. She hand-drew the concept, then hand-carved the design in a linoleum block and printed the artwork on a C&P letterpress. 

Anchor Oats Jar Design

The artwork features the Piave, a 103-year-old wooden boat that is where the idea for Anchor Oats originated. Katie created a mountain to sea design that features Mount Rainier all the way to Puget Sound, where the Piave lives. The flowy oats and waves connect the two aspects that make the Puget Sound region so unique. 

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