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Behind Anchor Oats: What's the Big Idea

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Behind Anchor Oats: What's the Big Idea

The idea for starting an oatmeal business came about while my husband and I were eating oatmeal that I had mixed up to take on a weekend boat trip several years ago. It came up every time we ate oatmeal on the boat after that.

Finally in May 2018, while we were out for a Memorial Day weekend boat trip, he mentioned again that I should sell it. That time it clicked. I had been thinking about starting my own business for a while at that point but all of my ideas seemed to big and lofty to go after. Starting an oatmeal company seemed like something I could do. I knew how to make the type of oatmeal I wanted to sell, I know how to do marketing and other businessy stuff, it wouldn't require millions of dollars to start up... so oatmeal became my big idea. 

I'm pleased to say that less than a year later, Anchor Oats became an official company. There's still a long journey ahead, but getting this far is an accomplishment I'm proud of. Stay tuned...

This is post #1 in the Behind Anchor Oats blog series. 

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