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The Piave

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The Piave

The Piave has played an important role in the creation of Anchor Oats. It's where the original idea came from (more on that here). The Piave has it's own very unique story. 

Piave, a 38' fantail motor launch, was originally built in 1916 in San Francisco by two Italian fishermen from the Piave River Valley in Italy. The fishermen fished for abalone out of Santa Barbara for the next 50 years on Piave.

In the 1960s she was sold to a writer from the San Juan Islands, 10 years later she had a fire at the West Sound Marina on Orcas Island and sunk. A San Juan Island doctor resurrected the burned vessel and had her rebuilt under the direction of marine architect Heine Gott. The original hull was salvageable but the decks, wheelhouse, and salon were newly constructed. Piave spent the next ten years on Orcas Island under ownership of the Exton family and later the Cottrell family. 

Piave was purchased in 1987 by Doug Jones, an Anacortes carpenter who used her as his place of residence while building and remodeling houses throughout the San Juan Islands. 

In 1988 Dick and Joan Deyoe from Olympia purchased the boat and spent 16 years enjoying Piave with their family. 

In 2004, we set out to find a wooden boat. We came across a boat that seemed familiar to Jim. He soon realized why the Piave looked familiar, he had been aboard as a child when the Extons, family friends of his grandparents, owned the boat. After making the connection, there was no question this was the boat we were destined to own. 

Over the 15 years we have owned the boat, we have undertaken several large restoration projects as well as regular maintenance and are happy to be the current caretakers as this historic vessel moves into it's next 100 years.  

Piave Owners

Italian fisherman  1916 – 1960s Santa Barbara, CA
Writer      1960s – 1975  Orcas Island, WA
San Juan doctor    1975 – 1978 San Juan Island, WA
Exton family 1978 – 1984 Orcas Island, WA
Cottrell family 1984 – 1987  Orcas Island, WA
Doug Jones 1987 – 1988 San Juan Islands/Anacortes, WA
Dick and Joan Deyoe 1988 – 2004  Olympia, WA
Jim and Angela Gow  2004 – present Tacoma, WA


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  • Oct 30, 2019

    That’s a great story. Didn’t know you had a boat! It’s beautiful.

    — Erik

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